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Bob is gone!

Some of you won't know, but I split up with my boyfriend on Wednesday after almost 8 years together. Of course, his walking out is a massive blow to me, but I think I'm on the road to recovery. We've spoken about the flat we own and he's handed me the keys.

The relationship is over. Just like that.

He was my first and only boyfriend. Ever. We were a comedy double act. We were great mates too. Now overnight he's a stranger who doesn't want to speak to me except about business (which at least he's reasonable about). I don't know where I'm going from here. Everything is up in the air until I settle in the new job. But THE talk is out of the way. I feel a little better now I know for sure he's gone. Maybe I'll be able to eat again now.

Hopefully, that'll be the last of my whinging.

It has been a very difficult week, starting with my parents' burglary. There is some good news on that though. The car was found yesterday in Luton. Everything, except the cash, was recovered. Even my Dad's laptop. So yay!

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Thank you. I'm on the upswing now.

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I've really cheered up since we spoke. He is gone for good. The person I spoke to wasn't a person I knew, I think he was nervous and was acting a little defensively by being a little bit of a dick.

Just got to worry about keeping my home now.


Hopefully, that'll be the last of my whinging

Um, you just ended an EIGHT year relationship. Excuse me, but you are entitled to whine, bitch, yell, cry, laugh or do whatever else your heart desires. And I will gladly listen/read. It's not much, but I know it helps to get things out, so please do so if the need arises!

Um... Okay. I think I'm through the denial and the crying now. I just getting to the fuck him stage. I think that's healthy, don't you?

How horrible! You're totally entitled to any amount of crying or whingeing you want to do -- I don't think I shut up for a long time after my 8-year partnership ended. You're going through an awful lot -- don't forget to breathe and take time for yourself. It's awful!


It has been bad, but I I'm getting better. It'll be okay as long as I can find some way to keep the flat. I'm eating again now, so things are better.

Yeah, it's pants, but I'm okay.


Glad you are feeling more positive, honey. Sometimes it is a relief to get it all over with; knowing exactly where you stand helps you to plan what to do next. A clean break at least lets you move forward. A friend of mine managed to spread her break up over 8 months. Her other half went, came back, went, came back and finally went. And all that time she was living on egg shells in case she "did something wrong".

And I am sure that when you least expect it you will realise that you have met someone you are really comfortable with who you would have missed out on if you were still with Bob.

Song recommendation: Have a look at these lyrics to Unanswered Prayers by Garth Brooks. SO true...

Garth Brooks is scary.

This split although seemingly sudden, isn't a huge shock really. We hadn't been right for about a year and it was just getting worse and worse. There was barely a sex life left. So it's probably for the best.

You sound like you're being very mentally healthy about the whole thing - which is good. ((hugs))

Probably because it's not really a huge shock (except that it was). Thanks.

God. Hang in sounds like a rather terrible time, but hopefully the worst has now passed.**Hugs**

Yeah. The worst is over emotionally anyway. Financially is more of a question, thanks.

I'm sorry to hear about your breakup but I can say that is better to be on your own than being in constant pain. *hugs*

Thank you. It's time to move on.

8 years. Wow. Hon, you are entitled to all the yell at the gods and ask whys you want. We'll be here. It's tough, but you'll make it through. It will hurt, but then one day it won't. How do I know? Yeah, you guessed it - been there.

It's hurting less and less already, I'm not a wobbly as i was. I'm just worried about money issues now.

*hugs and pets you*

If you have that game "The Sims" you could always torture Bob in effigy.

I have The Sims, but I have no desire to torure Bob. I probably tortured him enough in real life.

I'm glad to hear you are on the upswing and things have some resolution. I still hate that it happened to you. Be prepared for more periodic lows along the way. At least you have the new job to go to and don't have that added worry now.

And now for some totally unsolicited advice...wait at least a year before starting a new relationship. Voice of experience...There was only 11 months between the time my first ex and I split and my second ex and I married. All the cliche things you hear about rebound relationships are true...However, having a boytoy to play with is always fun.

I wish I could say a rebound relationship was likely. I'm so shy and not the most attractive person in the world, I don't get a lot of offers! Still someone well come eventually for me, I hope!

::hugs you tightly::


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