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Drabble Challenge - Spillyria

There's a whole host of callenges over at spillyria. I've done a drabble for the Leather Drabble Challenge.

Bloodstained Leather – Bogwitch
(Spike/Illyria. Season Five AtS. Two killers have something in common)

“You wear dead animal hide to cover your flesh.”
Spike frowned, “You mean the coat?”
Illyria circles him, pale eyes unblinking, a glassy stare. “It reeks of death. I cannot endure it.”
“Yeah, sorry ‘bout that.”
“You have taken many lives. The screams of each soul echo through its stitches. They call to me. They invigorate me, but it’s too much in this barren existence.”
“What about you then? What’s with the lobster look?”
Her head inclines mechanically, “I wear the skins of thousands of my closest devotees.”
“I’d hate to see what you do to someone you don’t like.”

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I always wondered what she was wearing...this made me grin, though it's dark, which was my reaction to Illyria most of the time. Good drabble and excellent voices.

Thank you! I'm afraid I have a rather dark sense of humour and Illyria just brings it out of me!

This was fun... great voices and I could picture this encounter happening.

Nice job!


I could picture this encounter happening.

Great. Means I achieved my purpose!

You really do have great voices and it was a conversation that should have happened on the show. Great fun. (Yes, I have a dark sense of humor, too.) :-)

You really do have great voices

Why thank you. I always try to get dialogue to be as convincing as possible. I've really grown to like writing Illyria.

(Yes, I have a dark sense of humor, too

Good to hear it!

(Deleted comment)
Thanks, I tend to see Illyria as a quite comic character, in a goddess out of water way.

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