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I'm not usually a GIPper, but I need to explain this one. It doesn't look anything like me, yet strangely does. I'm not that thin for a start, but my hair is as lifeless.

I'm not strangling the cat, btw. I don't do that sort of thing.

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I think its cool :) Where did you get it? I want one :D

I have just been watching this cool cartoon and alisha silverstone was the main actress well her voice lol I havnt got a clue what the cartoon was but it was funny. and better than holly hoaks lol

And that animated picture of you reminded me of it.

(Deleted comment)
Yeah thats it I think, cause she was wearing braces :) First time I have seen it, but I was cracking up lol

Monkey see monkey do!

I'm quite pleased with mine, except for the fact that it doesn't look like me. lol Should have got a cat to strangle! ;0)

Still you're all settled with a nice cuppa!

Still you're all settled with a nice cuppa!

Yep! Also I've got big earings and me hair's up, and the colouring's right, so it is me' only slim and young. I like it! :0D

That's the good thing about these - they're very flattering!

(Deleted comment)
And yet not a tabby amougst them (all my mum's cats are tabby's)

Hee... I thought I had missed words out so deleted the post, yet you answered it anyway. C'est la vie!

And it is a shame there are no tabbies - I still can't believe there were no dogs.

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