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Um, looking back over the week, it doesn't look like I've had much to say. It not been the most exciting week, a night bowling aside I haven't really done much. We did finish Gauntlet: Dark Legacy on the PS2 though. I'm now bereft. Does anyone know of anything similar for the PS2?

Last night though Bob and I went to see The Selecter, the old Ska band playing a pub in Harrow. Ska always reminds me of junior school and of being chased by glue sniffers in the woods. What happened to glue sniffers? They seem to have disappeared. I think maybe they are either dead or were at this gig. I've never been to such a testeosterone filled evening, I think was only a step down from boxing! You know the type of man of whom people say "That's guys a nutter!"? Well he was there, with all his identical pit bull mates, and I never felt threatened once. Good evening out.

Three fifths of Bob's "band" were there last night. The band now has a name: CRISIS CULT (Don't laugh), and they're aiming for their first gig in December, God help us. PG, the "frontman" kindly provided me with an exclusive interview for their web site. Watch this space.

Dunno about this film JM's supposed to be in, doesn't sound like my sort of thing at all. Good luck to him though, it's a good step for his career. Does this mean he'll only be in AtS for brief visits then? What about the hair? I like the hair as it is, but somehow don't see it in facist Italy.
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