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A waste of time

I'm sitting here at work with literally no work to do, they've taken it all away! Sounds like a dream come true, but what are we supposed to do for two weeks? Everything here is finally winding down. The canteen isn't re-ordering anything. Looks like the meals will become a little odd. Today is Pizza and sprouts. Yum (not).

Haven't heard anything about the job yet. If I don't hear today, then I'll call the agency on Tuesday.

Somehow I managed to put on half a stone and I'm back to square one. Apart from yesterday (when I had some points busting Karamel Sutra - come on, I had to try it!), I've been really good and have kept well within my points. :(

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Oh, dear. Don't give up on the weight thing. You will lose a lot the first week, but it's mostly water anyway. And you need to take into account TOTM - can add several pounds. Give it a bit longer - but make sure you are eating enough, otherwise your metabolism slows right down. Trust me - I'm a scientist (or so my MSc says...)

Two weeks! COO!! Spikefest!

Metabolism? What's that? Mines a festering corpse.

Thank you for that image.

Pizza and sprouts? Shudder!

Could be worse, it could be sprout pizza.

Well, considering that I loathe tomato and cheese, the pizza is pretty vomit worthy already to me.

(Deleted comment)
Sounds poo. I least I got to walk out at 2 o'clock.

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At least the messages will fill up some time.

(Deleted comment)
Actually I wrote a load on my WIP. I now have a rough draft of the next two chapters!

(Deleted comment)
I suspect I'll be getting a lot done in the next couple of weeks.

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