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Second Chances

And so the drabble frenzy continues with more bloody Spuffy ice cream...

If he were an ice cream, he’d be Karamel Sutra without a doubt.

His voice as rich and smooth as the caramel itself. Vocal sin. Seducing her into wanting more of the Sutra part; each act more daring, more satisfying. His skin creamy under her fingers, as she bruised it, bit it. He was as inventive as she was cruel, always hoping for better. There was little they hadn’t tried together.

Now they make love in all manner of ways - the exploration hasn’t changed - but the best part will always be knowing that she had a second chance.

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Ahhh.... well, that should improve my dreams. Vocal sin... yum. Another lovely one.

He was as inventive as she was cruel, always hoping for better

I like that a lot.

Hope it brings you sweet dreams. And guess what? I've got another Karamel Sutra idea... I'll try and resist it.

Don't resist!

I've moved on to B&J's Half-baked. Well, someone had to. Pure fluff, though.

oh yumm
very evocative.
Thanks for sharing :)

Thanks for being inspiring! (This is such an evokative flavour!)

Yummy! Loved the last line.

Thanks, it's nice to pull a little hope out of the chaos.

I think your ice cream drabbles are better than the ones made by an italian gelateria :).

Why thank you. Are the Italians known for drabbling then? :)

I don't know... :). And to tell you the truth the Italians I have met are not the classical stereotype so I better keep my mouth closed.

(Deleted comment)
How did the test go? Um... dunno. Not sparkling, but better than the first. I just have to wait to hear back now.

(Deleted comment)
(Deleted comment)
I'm twiddling my thumbs.

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