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Another Drabble

I'm supposed to be going down the job agencies, but I'm on the drabble crack. I challenged calove to write smut, so it was only fair to do it myself. More ice cream goodness. I thank Ben and Jerry's for the inspiration. I might have another tonight.

“’Karamel Sutra’? You’re kidding me.”
Spike gave her a seductively smug grin, digging the spoon into the tub and extracting a generous dollop.
“Okay…” she opened her mouth wide to receive it. He moved closer, teasing her, keeping the spoon just out of reach.
She was so naïve to think that he was offering it to her to eat.
Ice cream and a cool mouth against a pert nipple.
Drip. Drip.
A caramel pool in her navel. Licked away.
Drip. Drip. Drip. Smoosh.
A wicked tongue against a labia swollen and taut. A cold clit throbbing with need.

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Mmmm.... nice....

If we aren't sharing a brain, we certainly share some kinks.

But you see - this is why I find smut difficult. You clearly can use "the words" convincingly. I don't have a problem with "the words" - at least not when someone else uses them. I can say them, no problem - but every time I type them I feel silly. Especially the euphemisms for female bits. Sorry - going way too deep into this. I annoys me is all.

Practice, maybe? Therapy?

I know what you mean. The clit bit I almost deleted for those reasons. I haven't found a penis word I'm comfortable with yet. 'cock' is way too Jackie Collins.

True confession time. I have written a lot of smut, but only one other person has ever really read them. I'm not sure about putting it out in the world. It tends to be a bit technical and I want to improve that.

It's impossible. So many alternatives have bad connotations - playground sniggering or bad novels.

I haven't written much smut, but I've read a fair bit - mostly Spike related, I have to confess, but not all. Happy to look it over if you ever want an opinion. I'm not easily shocked (but not keen on Spike-slash) - as long as they are married, naturally.

Couldn't write slash if I wanted to. No worries there.

I'll think about letting you see the other stuff. Have to decide just how embarassing it is!

Well, between you and Cass, you've got me into these little drabbles. And not to worry about the verbiage - it works just fine!

I may have to write some Spike smut myself one of these days ;-)

digging the spoon into the tub

dig it

(Deleted comment)
I think we'd all like to!

(Deleted comment)
(Deleted comment)
Smutty... smutty and pretty.

Thank you. It's about as smutty as I get.

Karmel Sutra! Hee! Good drabble. :)

I'm friending you now, I hope you don't mind. ;)

Ack I spelled Karamel wrong! Bad me.

Thank you. Friended back.


Um, hi bogwitch! =) I'm Brosy and I was the one assigned your request for the Spuffy ficathon. :: ducks flying debris :: See unfortunately I had a bit of a family crisis (one that has yet to really be resolved) and I left all things comp related to take care of it. Anyway, I'm slowly getting back into my old routine now and I wanted to stop in with an extremely belated "I'm sooo sorry!" =(. Ideally right now I'd be linking you to a fabulous finished fic but, well, I can't. I will however revisit what I have a little later tonight, though I'm not going to make any promises on when it will get done because I'd really hate to break them. Again, I'm incredibly sorry for dissaponting you! =(

Btw, this drabble? HOTT. And the other few I just read? Wow. I'm suddenly riddled with fear over the fact that I'm actually writing something for someone with such talent.

Hi. I knew that you had a crisis on, so don't worry about it. There is more to life than Spike, or (so I've heard!) Take the time you need and I'm sure you'll have something great to show me at the end.

Btw, this drabble? HOTT. And the other few I just read? Wow. I'm suddenly riddled with fear over the fact that I'm actually writing something for someone with such talent.
Why thank you. I'm sure you have nothing to worry about and hey, I had to write for wisteria_. Now that's intimidating!

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