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Chunky Monkey

Chunky Monkey – Bogwitch
(kallysten’s Ice Cream Drabble Challenge, Spike/Buffy, Season Seven BtVS, Post-Showtime)

She watches him from the doorway. She’s laid him out on the sofa, tucked him in blankets and cleared out the Potentials. Snuggled him up in front of the TV with a tub of Chunky Monkey ice cream - anything he wants. He’s sore from his ordeal with the First, but she’s not pampering him. It’s over.

His movements are stiff and awkward as he eats. His tongue curls around the spoon, icy from the tub. She remembers other times, with his tongue in other places; refreshingly cool against her hot, flushed and swollen skin.

She’s the one who shivers.

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This is what I was doing instead of interview prep!

very nicely done.
thank you :)

Very nice. And hot - in an icy cold sort of way.

Well done!

I'm starting to get to the smut at last. ;)

What the hell kind of flavour is chunky monkey? We don't have it here...

I chose it because I like the name!

There's a Karamel Sutra that's begging to be written about...

I just did it and posted it... but it's very tame...

Perhaps I should try again for a bit of smut.

Yes. I think you should/

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