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Test Results

Bogwitch is a MS Office master! And all this with a thumping headache I've had all afternoon!

I was briskly pushed out the door, but results were (I think):

Word 90%
Excel 84%
PowerPoint 91%!!!!!!!
Not bad for someone who's never really used it.

This means I'm up for interview. I have to have another test on Word templates though! Help?

It's such a lovely day. I had a lovely drive through the countryside to Uxbridge and on the way bad I had a nice stopover in the pub. Sat out in the garden and wrote. I broke the back of the scene that's troubling the WIP. I have to write down the pub more often! :D

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Congratulations! That's fabulous!

Now I just have to get the job. I don't have the best interview technique!

LOL. I can see where that has it's unpredictability.

I used to do a lot of interviewing for student staff and professional staff at the college/university level as well as some prepping of students for interviews, so here's some totally unsolicited advice:

Brainstorm what likely questions will be and practice your answers.

In the interview, it's okay to take a deep breath and gather your thoughts. It always feels like that scene in "Life Serial" where Buffy's standing still and everyone else is zipping by, but it actually isn't. Take your time responding. Besides, a couple deep breaths = oxygen to brain.

And once you've answered the question, stop talking. That's where folks get themselves in the most trouble.

If they don't mention it at the start, ask how many questions they have and what the time frame is that they have available. If they say 10 questions in 20 minutes, you know they want short answers. If they have 4 questions for 20 minutes, you know you've got time to elaborate.

Good luck!

Thanks for the advice, especially the last bit. I do brainstorm, but my mind is like a sieve at the best of times and I go blank when I actually get in the room.

I think the main problems are lack of confidence in what I can do and being able to say 'yes! I can do that', when I don't have clue if I can or not. This job isn't too bad as I know I can do it. Often I go for things which I'm not sure about. I can't BS.

Thanks! It's one hoop out of the way.

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Who's a little star then! Well done, you. Good luck with the interview. You could try picturing them naked (did you ever watch "Coupling"?)


No. Didn't watch Coupling.

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