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IT Test


I'm really nervous this morning, as I have an IT test for a possible job interview later (hurrah?). Got to prove those MS Office skills...

I know I have the ability, but can I prove I'm an intermediate PowerPoint user when I've used it once, three years ago? Am I an Advanced/PowerUser of Word? Can I even find the agency in Uxbridge?

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Good luck!

My powerpoint skills extend to opening jokey attachments on email ...

Thank you. PowerPoint is a doddle really, but these tests are a bit absolute when judging their answers, I need browsing time!

Oh, good luck!! Girl of your talents - no problem. S'all point and click after all (says the woman who's just spent half an hour trying to convince PowerPoint that I really, really don't want the slide formatted like that). Bloody Microsoft...

Fingers crossed for you.

It's the test that scares me. They're unforgiving. I know I'm probably good enough. (Actually rather chuffed they considered me at all as it's a career direction change).

You'll be fine about the computer stuff, I'm sure.

Uxbridge though...that's a whole other kettle of fish.

It was Uxbridge or Milton Keynes. Neither of which I know well. I have a proven track record of getting lost in MK though. I'm sure they move the roads in different configurations each week!

Well, it's certainly where old roundabouts go to die.

I think it's the complete lack of any landmarks, at all that disturbs me.

There's always the concret cows. My sister lives in the place and I'm kind of fond of them.

Er, by the way, you couldn't help me out, could you? The person who has been sending me discs of AtS all season is not very well, and I don't know when - if ever- she'll get round to d/ling and sending the last two eps. Could you possibly do it? I'd offer chocolate, only I know you're on that program. Anything else you'd like in exchange?

I've never seen the cows. Aren't they in Bletchley? Have seen the Pagoda though.

I have no problem sending you them. Except my CD Writer has packed up (I wore it out!). I'm hoping to get another very soon (today?) as hesadevil will kill me if I can't send her the finale! So yeah, if I can get it working, no problem. I don't need anything in return.

The cows are definitely in MK. Now you've made me doubt!

I did just hear back from my friend and she says that she had d/l'd ep21 for me and asked her husband to post it. Probably, he hasn't done it, but maybe she'll remind him now.

Thanks so much for your offer. I may need to ask you for the finale still, but it looks like I should be all right for Ep21.

That's good. Still got to make the PC World trip though!

Break a fingernail!


Good luck with the test. I'm sure you'll do fine.

I so miss MS Office. My company uses Corel. I've managed to convince them I need Word and Excel as well to send stuff to the outside world, but I don't have PowerPoint anymore.

Thanks. I did very well.

I agree Office set the standard (bloody Mircosoft!), it's hard to change.

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