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Distrubing Dreams

Illyria appeared in my dream last night, as did Wesley. I can't remember what happened though, but it was all action/adventure. Should I be concerned about the manifestation of an Old One in my sub-conscious?

I've lost 4Ib. Must be all the carrots.

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4 lbs!!! Go you! Literally.

Just another *** to go!

You think that's disturbing. I dreamed I was on Michael Jackson's legal team last night. Eeeek!

That's a dream about challenges, if ever I heard one! (and I don't mean about just defending him. Having him as a client must be challenging enough.)

Sounds like a cool dream!

But the big yay is for the 4lb. - that rocks!

Sounds like a cool dream!
It weren't bad. Shame I can't remember it though, I could've written it up.

But the big yay is for the 4lb. - that rocks!
Hopefully the first of many...

(Deleted comment)
Illyria is cool, but how long will it take her to get grating? The character doesn't have much depth.

Must be all the carrots.

Susan Day (from The Partridge Family) ate only carrots because she became so obsessed with being thin, and she ate so many carrots that she turned orange and they were having to pack on the make up. ::shrug:: Not that I think you'll turn orange. Just sharing tidbits of info I get from watching late night VH-1 specials.

::waves:: I'm Cassie, btw.

Hello Cassie

I'm not eating that many carrots, although I could do with some colour... They're just the only veg I'll eat!

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