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Happy Anniversary

I completely forgot that my journal is a year old today.

When I started it I had no idea what I was letting myself in for. I didn't think anyone would talk to me, but I have to say it's been brilliant.

I thank you all.

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Happy Birthday Journal!

My journal celebrates its first birthday tomorrow, which, now I think about it, it almost is. Does that mean it can have a bite of your journal's chocolate cake?

Well I'm on a diet, so I think I can spare cake. Happy Anniversary to your journal too!

Great icon. Sums it up.

Thank you - for the cake, anniversary wishes, and your kind words about my icon! I made it originally because I was so incensed at the death and - gah! - heartless replacing of The Coat, and by some happy coincidence it turned out to mean a whole lot more beyond that. *sniffle*

Poor coat. I know you miss it terribly.

Congratulations! It's just been nine months for me. And it's quite a ride, isn't it?

Thank you. It has been a ride and has seen an expolsion in my creativity. That has to be a good thing.

Happy anniversary! I actually missed mine...and I also missed my most recent milestone (500 posts!) so it's great to celebrate yours. 8^)

Thank you. I only remembered mine with a hour to go!

Happy Anniversary! I'm so glad you're here. :-)

Why thank you. Glad to be here!

Happy Anniversary! ::runs and hides the cake only to find that it's escaped to the icon! bloody hell.::

On a diet anyway ::sigh::

I'll have to be satisfied by just gazing at it...


(Deleted comment)
Thanks. Here's to another year!

Well, congratulations on the first anniversary. The cake looks yummy. Here's to your next year...*raises a glass of orange juice to toast you, because eeeuww.. drinking in the morning is just tacky*

I raise my soffee in return. Thanks!

Happy anniversary!!

Looks like you're well settled in now- hope the next year'll be entertaining :)


Hee. I think entrenched is closer to the mark than 'settled'.

Je suis ici.


The cruise has not yet started.

Stay abother year o LJ at least. It's going to take me that long to finish Family.

Re: Bonne Anniversaire

I'm not going anywhere. I suspect mine will take much more than that at the rate it's going!

Did irishnoodles tell you about the possible Spike film?

Got your postcard, thank you. Enjoy the cruise!

(Deleted comment)
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