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HEADLINE: Man wears ridiculous outfit to work

It's casual Friday in my office and my colleague P has come in looking like Ali G. He says he's trying to look like David Beckham, but sorry P, it's definitely Ali. Combine this with him sitting next to me and repeating the word 'Poo' for no particular reason, and I feel like I'm with 6 year-old.

Other news:

* The new ep of AtS did not, as feared, have an impact on the WIP after all. Phew. And I liked it. With knobs on. **spoilers in comments**

* Happy Birthday to janedavitt! Have a good one.

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Glad you liked it. It does seem to have hit some of the Spuffies quite hard - though not as hard as the Bangels (although they have their Denialometer going full strength). Also, there seem to be some very die-hard killjoys on various lists (TWoP etc) saying it's the worst AtS epiosde ever, an insult to the fans, and disgrave to the show etc.

Which just proves that some people have no sense of humour at all.

Baring in mind I've only seen the ep once, I don't see the anti-Spuffy at all (maybe that's my Denialometer). Yes, Buffy's moved on, but I don't see any reason why she should believe Spike's alive (I don't read that speech from Andrew as being proof of that). Spike seems genuinely upset (and not over her at all, whether or not he intended to move on), but he was the one who chose not to tell her. The Immortal's strange attraction is uncanny, and I don't take Buffy's 'love' for him all that seriously. It's all still open.

OTOH, I don't have a clue what Angel was thinking.

Fred/Illyria left me cold. Yawn.

I would like to read some more opinions from UK viewers. Maybe we'll get the humour better. I don't know.

I'll be sure to let you know my thoughts when it airs in the UK...

But you know what? I am really not a bit surprised that Buffy has moved on. She really is very needy, isn't she? I mean, look at how amazingly annoying she was over Parker! And she does think Spike is dead. (Being charitable, here).

As for Spike, well he could do much better for himself. Maybe find someone who loves him for who he is and isn't constantly spazzing about the need for a soooouuul. And incidentally, someone who hasn't kicked the ladder away after hauling herself onto that pedestal that puts her above everyone else.

How strange. My Buffy love is wearing off again.


I'm no great fan of Buffy herself, but to give her her due in this case. He didn't tell her, so she still thinks he's dead. That's his fault. She has to move on. I can't blame her for that. Whether she moved onto someone she can have a real, proper relationship with, I doubt it, but she owes Spike nothing under these circumstances.

IF she knew he was alive, then her behaviour is awful. But I saw or heard nothing to support that, even though others have. I think it comes to a matter of interpretation. Andrew's speech to me sounds like she's just getting on with life and having a bit of fun. The Immortal won't be around forever, and that there might be a maybe, someday.

I really want to read some, 'not get out of that' fic from this senario. (I have some ideas, but I'm not going to write them - I haven't got the time)

Yes. I agree. Spike needs better.

I loved it to bits. I thought it was really funny and am slightly surprised that so many people disliked it. I mean sure, the plot would have fallen to bits if you sneezed but that wasn't the point.

Adored the flashbacks. Yippee! Darla and Dru are canon dykes! ROFPSL! Andrew's transformation from nerd to James Bond clone was priceless. Don't get why people moaned about the women. So the boy's gay(ish). Why can't he look wonderful with 2 lovelies?
I found the Italian CEO amusing. Really she didn't need our 2 heroes in the least, did she?

Aw, it was lovely! I'm off to watch it again! :0D

I'll watch again tonight. Okay they acted like a couple of prats, but it wouldn't be the first time.

Yippee! Darla and Dru are canon dykes

As I've said elsewhere, they need to make a 'Spike and Dru do the 20th Century' special, doen't they? I think I'd kill to see that.

As I've said elsewhere, they need to make a 'Spike and Dru do the 20th Century' special, doen't they? I think I'd kill to see that.

Oh that'd be wonderful! Dru in a mini skirt, Spike with an afro and flares and Angel out of the picture. They must have had all sorts of different styles and *lived* in so many different places.

So, who do I kill to get to see it? ;0)

That thought came about after a desire to see hippy Spike.

If I find out who to kill then I'll let you know!

I think we'd have to write it. It'd make a good round robin or ficathon.

That thought came about after a desire to see hippy Spike

Oh yes, he was at Woodstock wasn't he? Perhaps not as much into the peace and love as he could be! lol Mmmm, he'd have a braid headband and long lank hair and loads and loads of love beads. He'd have a great time with all the bad drugs that were around then, being already dead. Dru - well she'd just fit in quite naturally!

I have this vision of a seude tassly coat. (probably influenced by Easy Rider)

Thank you so much! I'm having a wonderful day ::hugs::

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