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(no subject)

I feel I should update, but I don't really have anything much to say.

Redundancy continues to lurk on the horizon, although our leaving date has been put back two weeks to June 11th. No, I still haven't started the job hunt!

dtissagirl made me this lovely icon. She's making them for all the participants in the Spuffy ficathon. So if you haven't got yours, then go and request it. Speaking of the ficathon, I'm really happy with the feedback on my entry, which means I'm all inspired again to to tackle the WIP.

*if you haven't joined spike_fics yet. why not? And calove, I will be expecting you to post there. Or else!

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I keep hearing about these ficathon story icons - where do I request one? Is there a particular post?

Also, I'm glad you are feeling inspired - feedback is a beautiful thing. :-)



Feedback is great, makes feel very guilty about those I didn't comment on in the past. But I'm reformed!

Would you look at that? Turn my back on you for two minutes and you're off making communities all over the place! Nice idea.

As soon as Spike stops sulking, or as soon as I stop chewing the carpet in rage at my current RL crap, I'll post... something.

Oh - a thought. I've got a fic that I don't think I ever posted on LJ. It's sort of about Spike... But it's a bit odd. You want odd?

Odd would do! As long as it's Spike, it qualifies.

I've just written a noce big chunk in the pub. I'm very happy.

A noce big chunk, huh? What exactly were you drinking?

When I say it's about Spike... it's sort of his demon's POV... (I did say odd). I'll stick it up - feel free to wipe it if not appropriate, oh keeper of the community.

the demon is part of him so it counts.

Only had the one vodka.

OK - done.

Just the one? Triple?

No, single. I was driving. I'm a good girl.

Yeah? I was at that party too, you know.

At least - I think I was...

A drunk host is a sloppy host! Had to keep the food and booze flowing, you know.

But if everyone else is drunk and sloppy no one notices.

True. But they might notice if I conk out. (alcohol sends me straight to sleep)

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