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Commiseration Party

Any want to join me below for a Spike-is-really-gone pity party?

calove we need to support each other during this difficult time! Premature perhaps, but I need to drown my sorrows.

I knew JM wouldn't look too bad, but it's really the end of it.


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It happens every night -- just as I'm going to bed, you Poms start waking up and posting.

You're just going to have to write more of your Spikesque WIP now that you've so little more canon to distract you. I'm looking forward to it anyway.

I'm working on it! Had a bit of a delay for the Spuffy ficathon and a reshuffle of the plot, but work has commensed. Spike will live on in my head.

You have the misfortune of just being in a lonely time-zone. That must be quite frustrating sometimes.

Any want to join me below for a Spike-is-really-gone pity party?

Yeah, James looks great, but where did Spike go? *Sob* Pass the gin! No, wait, you finished that last pity party... :0(

I have some whiskey, try that.

OK - bringing my bottle of JD over here.

Who wants one?

Drowning sorrows is about all I can cope with today. Tomorrow I may write more fic. With hair.

Pass me a tissue....

Here you go. I think I'd better crack open the vodka. Mmm Stolly.

You could write a Spike loses his hair fic and then regains it. (yikes, how strong is this studff?)

Has noone seen the new Angel yet then? :S

Spike comes back as a ghost :D

I'll join anything to do with James marsters or spike ;)

Seen the ghosty stuff. I want my blondie bear forever.

Passes you more scotch, but it'll grow back, look how much it has since it was last bleached. It'll be stronger and healthier when it's re-dyed for a movie:)

Stop being rational! This isn't about rational! NO MORE SPIKE (probably). JM can wear a hat.

This party needs MUSIC! Something appropriately Spikey.


Or maybe something from "Hair"?

He still looked lovely, but Spike is gone!

Sobs pitifully.

Here's your complimentary black armband.
Feel free to raid the buffet. There's plenty of whiskey to toast our Spikey with. (Psst. watch out for Calove, she's a bit far gone on the cybersauce)

*sniff* hello everyone....

I want to be in the pity party. But I don't like whisky so I brought Baileys on ice. And spicy chicken wings. I couldn't find a flowering onion, but I would've if I could've. *Spike likes those*

I'm going to give all you fic writers a boat load of manly responsibility now, because I am relying on you to keep our boy Spike alive with your fics... now that mean ol' JM has cut his hair off.

What? What do you mean the man has a life????

Re: *sniff* hello everyone....

Baileys is always welcome!

*Spike likes those*


Just put the wings on the table.

I intend to keep writing for time being.

Sorry, I don't drink whiskey or scotch, but I brought a bottle of tequila if anyone's interested. That is a nice strong drink that is Spike worthy. So here's my toast: to Spike and the beautiful blond locks...bottoms up.

Cheers! Don't worry, we're still here making fools of ourselves!

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As i said somewhere earlier, James is James and that's a very nice thing, but it's not Spike. And I love Spike.

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