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One buggered WIP

Despite trying to be relatively spoiler-free for the rest of the season, I foolishly went and looked at the episode 20 summary.


Yesterday while struggling with the Spuffython assignment, I'd thought that my heart just wasn't in Spuffy anymore. I keep having these Spara ideas I want to get to. Then I read the summary and now I'm all disappointed. Does it mean that Spikey's heart is going to be broken all over again (My!Spike's would be)?

Also very annoyed that the WIP has been jossed again! It serves me right for taking so long. There's a scene in the ep that sounds very similar to a scene I've got coming up (which I wrote part of back in october) and it's one that I can't really change. Oh well, it'll have to stand. I just hope it's not too similar.

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