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I don't believe...

...I've spent the last couple of hours in the pub watching the worst band I've ever seen in my life.


If I want to listen to out of tune NU Metal, I'll take a blow torch to my CD's

Thank You

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The worst band you've ever seen? Poor Bogwitch! How are your eardrums?

Good! wonder how mine will fare in twenty days, when I'll have the pleasure of watching Not!Spike on stage!

I hope he's at least in tune.

I'm afraid I'd just cringe through the lot.

Should I bring cheese, do you think?

I listened to their David Letterman blurb on the web ages ago, and was so thoroughly unimpressed that I've never repeated the experience since. To be honest, I am kind of worried as to what I'll be exposed to come May 11th. Extreme boredom, most likely...

I think the whiff of cheese will be strong enough! Almost Danish Blue levels.

Some people are easily pleased I assume.

I'm sure you'll love it.

Some people are easily pleased (..) I'm sure you'll love it

Hang on, are you saying I've got no discerning taste whatsoever? Though I'm sure I will enjoy myself, I'm not so sure yet it'll be because of the music! ;-)

That wasn't what I was trying to say at all!

Just that despite all that, you'll have a good time. There is a pretty (bald) man to look at after all.

Just teasing...and yes, even if he will be sporting a neo-nazi haircut, he'll be pretty enough to make me forget about all the rest. I do hope I can get a prime spot in the front row, though -- 'cause it seems half of telly-watching Holland will be there.

If you're going to do it, then you might as well do it properly!

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