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Laptop post

This is the first post I've made from the laptop. Most surprized to find that the broadband works fine with it - life just isn't that simple. I hope the connection still works when I plug it back into the main machine...

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Don't worry. It will. Your next step is *wireless* laptop broadband ;-)

I'm writing this sitting on my patio in the backyard. The temperature is 73F (very nice, for those who don't do Farenheit). The sun is shining intermittently, and Floyd is basking -- laid out on the brick pavers, enjoying the sun.

Ooh sounds lovely. (I'm the mixed up generation that knows Farenheit for hot and centigrade for cold). It was warm here too today.

I think the laptop is a little dumb for the wireless thing, but you never know. The broadband did indeed work, it's back on Frank now. It's just I spent most of yesterday evening trying to get a wireless mouse to work on the laptop and it wasn't having it.

The sad thing is I bought the laptop to make me write more, and I've written next to nothing!

I'm surprized if my broadband works at all, let alone doing clever stuff with laptops!

I wouldn't call plugging the USB in the back all that clever really.

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