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Useless Quiz from vampry

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Blue and orange? What a clash!

Mine was scarily true...

Well, I've never yet worn light blue lipstick, but other than that...

Oh. So you have worn the orange polka dot then? That scares me mum!

Now that you mention it: I do seem to vaguely recall an orange-y polka-dotted blouse that I wore sometime in the early 80s...and I mean the very early 80s, because I started wearing black almost exclusively quite early on in that decade, too...

No, I was just thinking along the lines more of "squee! I'm a little piggie!"

So you are! I don't think the dinosaur is that ad either!

Yes the dinosaur's sweet too. I think I should have got that, but then it's a nonsense quiz. Well I suppose most are, but just not so honest about it.

hoya just thought id drop in and say hey and do you mind if i add you to my buddy list :)

we have alot in comon :)

Im jewelz by the way :) nice to meet you bogwitch hehehe cool name by the way :)

Nice to meet you too.

Friend away! I friend everybody back, so you're added to mine.

How did you find me btw?

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