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Laptop finally arrived yesterday. The shop refunded all the postage, so that was okay at least. It's very nice. I got to play some Robin of Sherwood DVD's on it.

Now I suppose I ought to write something on it! I'm a bit blocked at the moment, or at least unmotivated. This is a little worrying with the Spuffython story due very soon, eek. I only have about 50 words so far.

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Willow accidentally sends Spike and Buffy back in time to Sherwood where they meet up with Robin V1.0, Marion and the Merry Men?

LOL. I would write that. It doesn't fit the spec though. I have a sort of plot, I just can't be arsed to write it.

I'm so glad you said Robin V1.0.

The one, the original, accept no substitutes Robin:)

And Spike would so bite Posh. As a service to music. It's even in My Spike;)

Our Spike's are a little different, but alright I'll give in, he'll eat her. (God, I wish he would)

Ooh ... I have an idea.

Spike and Buffy go skiing in Courcheval and meet the Beckhams.
Spike gets so fecked off with Posh (Who are you kidding mate?) Spice that he chows down on her neck therefore putting us all out of our misery.
The End.

But you've already done it now!

I don't think Spike would want to go anywhere near her skanky neck though.

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