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dum de dum

I'm sitting here at home waiting for the courier to bring me new laptop goodness. Why doesn't he come?

I finally gave in to the temptation on Thursday night and bought a nice second hand one online, paying the extra for next day delivery to arrive today. There's no sign of it yet.

I'm all restless and excited. I can't settle to anything until it comes, or wash my hair. It's very frustrating!

Today was supposed to be the day things happened:
1. DVD's.
2. Laptop.
3. Le Tigre gig.
but the plans are all unravelling fast. 1 is already a bust. Amazon haven't even posted them yet. Bastards. 2 Why hasn't the laptop come yet? 3 Tonight Bob and I are going see Le Tigre up town, but the way today has gone so far, I'm worried. I was 20 minutes late today because I forgot to fill the car with petrol and only realised this as I was approaching the M1.

::grinds teeth::

Why won't that courier come?

16.03 - Courier has still not come. Hair washing will now commence.

16.22 - Now fuming. Here follows a rant. Called and they haven't even dispatched it yet. Come on, I've paid a rather expensive sum for next day delivery and it's put both Bob and I out. They didn't even seem that sorry. Fuckers.

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