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dum de dum

I'm sitting here at home waiting for the courier to bring me new laptop goodness. Why doesn't he come?

I finally gave in to the temptation on Thursday night and bought a nice second hand one online, paying the extra for next day delivery to arrive today. There's no sign of it yet.

I'm all restless and excited. I can't settle to anything until it comes, or wash my hair. It's very frustrating!

Today was supposed to be the day things happened:
1. DVD's.
2. Laptop.
3. Le Tigre gig.
but the plans are all unravelling fast. 1 is already a bust. Amazon haven't even posted them yet. Bastards. 2 Why hasn't the laptop come yet? 3 Tonight Bob and I are going see Le Tigre up town, but the way today has gone so far, I'm worried. I was 20 minutes late today because I forgot to fill the car with petrol and only realised this as I was approaching the M1.

::grinds teeth::

Why won't that courier come?

16.03 - Courier has still not come. Hair washing will now commence.

16.22 - Now fuming. Here follows a rant. Called and they haven't even dispatched it yet. Come on, I've paid a rather expensive sum for next day delivery and it's put both Bob and I out. They didn't even seem that sorry. Fuckers.

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ooh that hurt. how would i live without amazon? *shudders*

and the courier is late cuz they like timing it just right, so they can annoy the hell out of customers, while at the same time avoiding lawsuits. they're canny that way. *nods*

Yeah, I love Amazon too, but sometimes they test my patience. I ordered these DVD's months ago and they haven't even posted them. Grr.

the courier is late cuz they like timing it just right, so they can annoy the hell out of customers

Too right! I've to take the afternoon off to wait for them. The least I could expect is to get to have a go on it before I go out tonight.

What DVDs are you awaiting? Season 7 BtVS wasn't due to be released until 7th and mine arrived this am.

Amazon lists the release date as the 5th. In truth, I did go for the cheaper postage, but in the past that hasn't made a difference. Still they haven't dispatched them yet, which isn't good enough. Their service has been increasingly poor of late.

That's not so bad. I'm hopping mad about the laptop though.

Have you received your new toy yet?

Yes! Finally. Not had a lot of time to play with it yet though.

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