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Getting on with it

I've had quite a productive morning doing stuff I should have done a long time ago.

1. Bogwitch's Spike Page has finally moved to NTbloodyL after staceyuk inspired me to get on with it. As much as I hate NTL at least I no longer have to contend with the tons of advents Lycos plastered over my old site. I've also redesigned the Fiction pages to make them easier to read. At least I hope so! Eventually I'll do a pic for each one. As it stands Chapter One of Working My Way Back to You has a nice new image (and a title!).

2. I've finally watched Theatre of Blood. It's only taken me about ten years! As much as I love Vincent Price, somehow I could never sit still long enough to watch it.

3. New default icon. I think it lacks something though.

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