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Finally, my car is mine

It's been a busy, busy day.

First off, HAPPY BIRTHDAY to calove! Many happy returns (whatever they are), may the next year be full of snarky Spike - soon, soon!

And the other news,

I've got my new car now. It's so clean and shiny and not falling apart!

Here she is:

I think I'm in looove...

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I've got my new car now. It's so clean and shiny and not falling apart!

Isn't that the greatest feeling?

It's bittersweet. I did love my old car, but she'd seen the end of her days. I did nearly cry.

Still SHINY NEW CAR!!!!!

Welcome to the new love of your life. (Why are cars shes?)Is she greedy or cheap to keep?

Is she greedy or cheap to keep?

That remains to be seen!

This car is definitely a girl (or gay), look at that colour! You won't me in that!

(Deleted comment)
It's a Rover 416 si. I doubt that means much to you, does it?

I'm terrible at getting round to washing cars. I must look after this one.

(Deleted comment)
And, I always have good intentions when I buy a new car...gonna keep it clean, gonna keep it waxed, etc. Poor car.

Exactly, you should've seen the state of the one I got rid of!

Thank you, hon.

not falling apart

Not like me then. I'm getting so old....*sobs hysterically*... perhaps that last bottle was a mistake...

Not that I would be quite so shallow or girlie, but, hey, nice colour! And the important stuff - does it go really, really fast?

It's a nice colour, but I wouldn't have chosen it. As for speed, it depends on my mood!

Pretty, pretty colour.

Won't lose it in the car park, anyway.

I doesn't know what it's in for!

So...have you given it a name yet?

But she doesn't look anything like...oh, right: the colour. Of course. Minty, Minty, Minty. It'll do.

It was the first one that came into my head.

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