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I wish the loan people would hurry up so I can go and pick my new car up, this is very frustrating. The old Orion finally gave up today and I've had to have an enforced day off. What a pity. Hee.

Bob and I finally managed to get up off our arses on Sunday and went and did something cultural for a change. We went into town and took in the Lichtenstein exhibition at the Hayward Gallery on the South Bank. It was good to see some of the paintings that I found very influential when I was at school, and I loved the humour in many of them. But somehow, they did seem to lack something - probably colour actually. He must have painted in primary colours all his life. I think I preferred them when they were mixed in with other artists at the Pop Art show a few years ago.

Still we had a good day out and a nice walk around bits of London I'm not so familiar with and had a nice chat about cormorants with a nice man on Hungerford Bridge (don't ask!), but god it was cold. I'm still thawing.

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