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Some idle curiosity

It's like this.

hils and I have done the Yankee or Dixie? dialect test psubrat posted, despite the fact we're both English.

As we both scored high into the Dixie range we want to know if all the English would do that in general, or if there is a north/south split within the English answers. C'mon Brits, give it a go! Brighten up Saturday a bit and indulge my pseudoscientific curiosity!

and while I'm at it, boggle with wonder at my

Linguistic: 8
Logical-Mathematical: 6
Spatial: 10
Bodily-Kinesthetic: 4
Musical: 8
Interpersonal: 3
Intrapersonal: 3

A Short Definition of your Highest Score

Spatial - the ability to perceive and represent the visual-spatial world accurately, to arrange color, line, shape, form and space to meet the needs of others, to interpret and graphically represent visual or spatial ideas, to transform visual or spatial ideas into imaginative and expressive creations. Possible vocations that use spatial intelligence include illustrator, artist, guide, photographer, interior decorator, painter, clothing designer, weaver, builder, architect, art critic, inventor, or cinematographer.

I do have an eye for colour. That's why I always wear black!

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I got 50% (Dixie). Barely into the Dixie category.

You work out the Maths. I lived for the first 20 years in the North West of England (Manchester, then Liverpool, then Morecambe). The next 30 in London/S.East.

Interesting fact from the other test

A Short Definition of your Highest Score
Musical (12)- Possible vocations that use the musical intelligence music teacher. Before I qualified as an English teacher, I was a peripatetic music teacher (guitar).

Hmmm. Still a Dixie though. Where do you think your accent most reflects?

The other test. It's very interesting that. I tried to learn guitar and I was useless! I have no musical talent at all. But I love listening to it, so that must explain my score.

As for Spatial being my top score. I'd say I was artistic, but I can't draw or paint to save my life.

Where do you think your accent most reflects
Those that know me from when I was in the North say I've lost my accent, but those who meet me say they can still hear the flat vowels at times. I suspect that would put me more in the general throughout the US category. Anyway, most of the questions were about usage rather than pronunciation. I re-did the test and answered most of the questions the same, just changed the couple I wasn't sure about that didn't have a don't know answer (the sandwich one and the what do you call a group of people - wanted to answer 'you lot' to that one.) I got 53% Yankie this time. (And I don't like Country Music so I definitely do NOT want to be a Dixie anything.)

Don't think spatial ability has much to do with an innate ability to draw or paint. It's more of a potential that could be developed correct teaching. (I wasn't taught to play guitar btw, I taught myself after mum and dad refused to let me have piano lessons - rebellious little bugger wasn't I?)

Nothing wrong with being rebellious!

Yeah there was a few I couldn't answer. I put Y'all, because I sometimes use that if I'm taking the piss!

(Deleted comment)

Wow. That's an absolutely gorgeous icon.

I'm 70% Dixie, despite being a born-and-bred northerner (of England. that is). Odd.

It does like we're all Dixie. Better get get out the Garth Brooks CD's...

On seconds thoughts, can we take the test again?

Better get get out the Garth Brooks CD's


i got yankee.

but i lived in michigan for 9 years :)

There had to be one awkward one!

Though not English, not by a long shot, my score comes to: 60% (Dixie). Barely into the Dixie category. Maybe it's a NW-European thing?

And my highest score is on spatial and musical: 11 points each. This despite the fact that I can't read a note or play anything but chopsticks on the piano.

Your chopsticks beats my nothing at all. I'm musically hopeless.

With one exception, I think we can say English=Dixie. We need further investigation for the Euro-sample!

I only got 53% myself. I happen to live in Memphis, TN. The farthest north I've been is Kentucky, South and east Florida and West Arkansas. So technically, I should be incrediably southern.

Maybe the quiz is just crap then.

I realize this is an old post to comment on, but I thought I would add my 2 cents. I find it your results quite interesting. I took the quiz and scored 86% Dixie, which fits since I am American and was raised in the heart of Dixie, as they say. (Savannah, Georgia) However, please not that we do not all listen to country/western. (Although I would prefer it to some of the other crap on the radio these days, ie ganster rap/hip hop.) At first I thought that the English scoring Dixie was because most of Dixie was settle by the English originally, but that is true for the whole of the east coast, so who knows.

It's a curious one. I was wierd that we all seemed to score quite consistantly (with a couple of exceptions). Don't worry, I'm well aware you don't all listen to C&W!

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