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The Brits Travesty

Firstly, Happy Birthday to xionin. Hope you're enjoying yourself today.

So, will I be watching the Brits tonight?

I bloody well hope not, but I'm visiting my mum and she has very poor music taste (Gareth Gates? My ears!), so there's always a chance. I have no idea who is nominated, but I bet Eighties Matchbox B-Line Disaster aren't up for much. Damn.

As a music lover, I have been blissfully unaware of the charts for many a year and only the odd piece of shite masquerading as a pop band ever penetrates my music censor (set to 'alternative').

I'm hoping Courtney Love will turn up and be embarrassing. She's always a good bet. (I suspect she's still on the run the states though).

Please, please, whatever deity is listening, spare my ears tonight or let someone with some actual talent, rather than some record company's Karaoke puppet(s) win.

I'm not holding on to a lot of hope.

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