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I was planning a great long post, but I just can't be arsed to type it up! So, I'll just cover the important business.

Happy Birthday to paratti. Hope it's a good one. Keep it evil, eh?

Work on Chapter Two of the epic that is Working My Way Back to You is coming on a pace, so much so, I'm thinking of cutting it in half. I think it'll be ready in a week or two. This means that I won't get my response to the Flavours challenge in spiketara done in time. That really is bad form since I set it the damn thing! I will do it, but there's just too much on at the moment.

Spike tore down the corridor, seething indignant anger, walking through people as he went. He was too angry to bother trying to avoid them and he left a wake of shocked Lawyers behind him. So he was stuck as a ghost for perpetuity because the git couldn’t spare his science girl for few hours, was he? Might as well shove his head under his arm and have done with it. Frustrated, he kicked out at a potted plant, probably placed there carefully to promote the most diabolic Feng Shui. He thought sick building syndrome couldn’t get sicker than this place.

His foot went straight through it.

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Thanks:) It's been a good one, lots of vamps, swishy pirates, Greased Lightening, great food and some lovely words that have just made the day.
Evil service shall be resumed shortly.

You want a comment?


Stop teasing and write faster!

Umm... please?

Confucius say: 'The fic that is rushed, does not snarky Spike contain'

In that case, you just take as loooooong as you need.

Given the news, I really, really need a bit of snarky Spike.

I'll be a quick as I can. I'm stuck a few plot points at the moment.

wow - somebody else on lj that lives in hemel. we probably know each other!

Sorry, don't think so. I've only recently moved here from Watford so I only know my neighbours. I live near Queensway, that near you?

not too far away then.

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