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BTVS - Drusilla (Very Cross)


I'm rather upset.

For the first time ever I haven't been able to sign up for something under the name Bogwitch. It's been my online identity for 7 years and I've always been unique.

Wait until I get hold of the scabby cow!!

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uhm, maybe you were already signed up at that place? And you just forgot. Have you tried thinking of passwords you might have used?

I did think that, but this ebay and this person is selling, so no.


I've decided to sign up as bogwitch_the_first. Just out of pettiness!

Heh. I must be petty right along with you, 'cause I was going to suggest "the_real_bogwitch". ;^)

Nothing as petty as Bogwitch scorned!

(Deleted comment)
Yeah, it's difficult; but c'mon, Krissy isn't exactly bogwitch, is it? Who in their right mind would name themselves that? :) (apart from me, but I was blessed with the name as a term of endearment). One of the reasons I liked this name was that no one would ever want it.

Obviously, I was wrong.

my nickname is moggypops (sparklylights gave it to me)

i think its unique, but eithne isn't *pouts*.

Like it! Moggypops is a great name!


well, can't take ALL the credit.

but yes- i like it. most of the time.

Honey, to the people that matter there will only ever be one true Bogwitch.

PS Have you found her yet and will there be blood?

Thanks, but it's the principle, you know! I liked my weird unique name I could take anywhere and it was personal too. It's me.

No I haven't tracked the person down, but if they live close (I believe they're in the UK). Then it's claws out!

ive got a vicious kitten who i could lend you?

the offer is always open.

I know just how you feel. A few years ago, someone (a complete nutcase, BTW) broke into my Yahoo!-account and wreaked a lot of havoc in my name. In the end, I was exonerated and the culprit exposed, but I'm still upset at having to log in with an extended name every time I want to get on to Yahoo! (which doesn't happen all that often, anymore). After all, I'm Gamiila, damnit!!!

These names do get extremely personal, don't they? Sorry to hear you've had so much trouble.

These names do get extremely personal, don't they?

They do! And I believe even more so if, like yours and mine, they were given to you as a nickname or endearment, and get used in RL as well...I have the same proprietary feelings about my real name, too; reinforced by the fact that it's a far from common one. I really don't like my name being used for somebody else.

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