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Quick thoughts on Herc's AtS rumours

Herc has some possible spoilers for the AtS season opener:

Posted originally on girlwithjournal's LJ:

These rumours feel very ME-ish to me, but it would not surprise me at all if they were fake. I think our first instinct is to distrust it because its much better than we hoped (or at least me).

If you think about it, there's only so many ways they can go with Spike now:

a) Shanshu - solves aging problems for JM, convenient plot device in place but would take attention away from Angel and pinch his reward. Great plot from my point of view with my Spike blinkers on - not so much from ME's point of view. Shame.

b) HigherBeing!Spike - Solves problems with the complete Spike arc and provides a link to the powers. Already done with Cordy and could limit what they can do with him. The much derided Ghost idea would also fall under this category - it's much too limiting for the character. I think the reason we know about the ghost is because they scrapped it with the pilot. Here's hoping!

c) SoulVamp!Spike - Logical(?) extension of the resurrection story. Somehow seems increasingly unlikely as it detracts from Angel's uniqueness and might prevent a spin-off for the same reason.

d) Evil!Spike - Would cheapen everything that has gone on before, and there's no logical way to do it. It would just be regression. I don't think this is how the writers see him anymore.

e) SuperpoweredHuman!Spike - This new spoiler indicates this is the way ME is going to go, and it would make Spike different enough in the universe to be well placed for a spin-off of some kind, yay!. Solves aging problem. Leaves Angel unique. I didn't think they would go with this, I thought human, but would probably be very good for the character. I'm all for it if it comes to pass.

Wow, for some random thoughts off the top of my head, that's the longest piece of Spike-spec I've ever written.
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