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Does anyone know of a Word Processor compatible with later versions of Word, but will fit onto a floppy disc? I need something on the old laptop that's better than Winword, but the stupid thing doesn't have a CD-ROM and only has a 500MB hard disk. Or better still, any ideas on how to get something larger on there?

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This might meet your needs:


It's free and it's fairly small. It can import Word files. It won't *quite* fit on a floppy. The installation file is about 3 meg. However, you might be able to use a file splitting utility to put it on two floppies. Or, if your laptop has a modem, a 3 Meg download isn't unreasonable.

Modem? This laptop is stoneage!

But file splitting utility, now that's a cousrse of action I can definitely persue. I give it a go, thanks!


Try this pages it's full of processors that might fit your need.

Thanks for the list, but it's no go as yet. Nothing seems to run properly on the Windows 95 on the laptop or it won't open the Word docs. Thanks anyway, my search goes on.

Ah! Windows 95! That is ancient. Good luck finding one. I was there! I had to break down and buy a parallel port Zip drive and CD ROM drive. (this was going back 6 years ago)

I'm thinking this might be the way to go.

Been there, tried that. I'm beginning to think its either incompatiblity with Word 2000 or a problem with the copy of Windows 95. I'm getting a lot of missing .dll errors.

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