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It's snow joke

I can't get to work today. I'm GUTTED.

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That must be so hard for you. My sympathies.

It's really terrible! :)

Enjoy your snow day. And pretty icon!

I am thank you! The icon is pretty nifty, isn't it? It's part of a set that I picked up somewhere. Yours is nifty too.

That's...awful. You must feel so deprived! ::snort::

Yeah. And what have I done with the day I've been gifted? Nothing. Na da.

Hey! You took a picture! I wouldn't call that nothing...looks like you've had a lovely day, so don't you dare feel bad about it!

I don't feel the slightest bit bad about it, but I wish had done some writing or something.

Hee! You must be so distraught.

(However, this means that it's snowing in England while it's raining here in the Rockies. There's something very wrong with this picture.)

Maybe the weather is on an exchange trip?

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