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Hmmm... June. New page on the Spike Calendar...

It's been a busy, busy week for me, and as such hasn't meant an awful lot of time for posting. However, all the rush has meant that I have finally come to terms with the finale. Most people have commented already but I'll say just a little off the top of my head:

I'm in denial, it just doesn't feel like BtVS has finished. Because Spike died at the end, I haven't had to feel his absence and so he doesn't feel dead. I was upset at the time though, and if I think things though more deeply I still tear up, but that's a good sign though. It means that it moved me, and as a great lover of the angst, I loved it. I was spoiled for the finale, but I'm glad I was as it might have killed me! I was expecting it to be much worse, so it was a pleasant surprise. The whole Angel thing was just daft, and pointless really. The good parts were the Spike/Buffy scenes, and although I wanted more for them, at least she got the "I love you" out. Does Buffy love Spike? Yes, definitely. It been obvious all season, the other characters can see it. Andrew, Giles, The First, Willow, Molly and Rona have all noticed it, it had to be there. It's might be time to move on into AtS, but I don't want Spike with anyone else for good while, somehow that would cheapen all his efforts.

There were problems with the season as a whole:
I missed Spike for far too long. Like the rest of the season in other respects, the character was flat - understandable after all he went through, but couldn't we have had Basement!William for a bit longer?
There were too many unanswered plot ends that should've been tried up.
Too many new characters, not enough use made of some of the core ones.
Bring on the Night/Showtime should've been one episode.
Lame villain, Caleb should've come in sooner.

In all, Chosen did not have the honesty of The Gift which felt much more tense and final to me. These were people resigned to a hard fight ahead and it showed. Would Chosen have had the same emotional resonance if Spike or (Anya) hadn't died? No, wouldn't. It could've been better, but its a serviceable ending to the series.
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