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(no subject)

Someone remind me to store my CV online, so I can actually find it when I need it.

Been having meetings all week about my impending doom redundancy. Looks like I'm signed on to the bitter end if I want the cash, and that's May. Then I find I have to have an appraisal - WHY? What is the point?

Said appraisal went very badly, but at least mention was not made of my spending the afternoons writing fic. That might be why my productivity is poor at the moment, or that I'm so very, very bored. They also wondered why I wasn't feeling very motivated!

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They're appraising you? Bloody cheek. And you lack motivation right now? Really? Wonder why that might be? Prats.

Do you want a reference? Happy to tell them you are very productive doing really important stuff.


Lisa is very productive at writing snarky Spike and reaches all her challenge deadlines.

That could get me a job anywhere, I think!

Well, I'd employ you!

I was thinking more along the lines of "Lisa shows considerable imagination and sensitivity in the handling of difficult personalities. She has excellent communication skills, and is able to satisfy customer requirements with style and wit. Plus her Spike rocks."


sensitivity in the handling of difficult personalities

Are you sure?

Well, Spike can be difficult, and you manage him very well...

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