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Its all looking up!

Just grabbed some time online at my mate's house.

Looks like I'll be back a little sooner than previously thought. We've decided not to buy the new computer all built, we've just bought the bits and we're going to build it ourselves. They'll come in tomorrow. That means I should be up and running by the weekend. Yay!

All to this the fact that the ancient laptop is go... Means I should be able to post chapter 1 of my WIP next week.

Ta! Ta!

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I totally sympathize. My PC's hard drive just gave up the ghost yesterday, so I am anxiously waiting for a new drive, to get back up and running. For now, working off my son's computer - it's not the same though *sniff*

Look forward to the WIP!

Oh no! Hard drive failure is the most traumatic of all! I'd died if that'd happened. Hope you're back up soon.

This week? I'd better get cracking, then! I thought I'dhave bags of time yet, with you confirmed incommunicado for a day or two yet! No worries, though: your Chapter One doesn't need much more than a few cosmetic changes (just the removal of a couple of form/from, and 'the the'-s...the usual stuff, really). I'll see if I can't get back to you today, OK?

Don't panic, you have some time yet! I'd like to post it Friday though.

Btw, is Cass still around?

She should be coming back on roundabout nowish...she took some 4 weeks off towards the end of last year, so I'm expecting to hear from her again any day now.

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