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Thank you for all your kind comments. They'll help pull me through I'm sure.

Right. To update the story:

Took the computer to PC World and they took one look and wanted nothing to do with it - they didn't have the parts. They suggested another shop that wasn't open until today. Turns out they don't have the parts either. So I'm now computerless and having to update from my parents house.

My Dad convinced me to buy a new PC, that was cheaper and of a highter spec anyway. We can always salvage the parts it doesn't have from the old machine. Luckily, we think the hard disc is OK and I have a floppy with my WIP's on so they're safe, at least. BUT they didn't have the machine in stock and it will be 7-10 days!

7 to 10 days?!!!

How can I cope that long? I won't be able to download Angel! Looks like I'll have to grab my access as and when I can.

Dad also found me an old laptop that I could at least type on (it had Windows 3.1 on!). we upgraded it to Windows 95 and now the trackball doesn't work (nor does a mouse). So that could be a loss.

Combine all this with a terminally ill car and the lights in my sitting room that have spontaneously exploded in a bright blue flash (we're using candles now) and you can see my weekend was super.

I'm fed up.

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Jeez, I can ee why you might be slightly fed up.

So sorry this has happened, but the worst is over now, as these things always come in threes.

7-10 days? That's awful! ((((hugs you as well))))

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