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My HP Pavilion 730.uk, affectionately known as "my precious" PC died yesterday, suddenly and tragically. It was only 20 months old.

Bought to replace my aging and out-of-date Compaq, My Precious and I had many wonderful hours together, creating daft pictures and fic, downloading Buffy eps and many viruses. I'll ever forget my early memories of getting the "I Love You" virus.

A post-mortem discovered that it'd died of a massive power failure that took out it's motherboard and processor. It's comforting to know that it would barely have felt it. Due to the nature of it's parts, the failure was inoperable and was dead on Arrival at my Dad's, who tried frantically, but vainly to save it.

It'll be sorely missed

Please post any condolences in the comments below.

"My HP Computer
She knew nothing else would suit her,
when she saw it in the shop.
Our many hours together,
sent Bob to the end of his tether
But my precious you were top"

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(Deleted comment)

Thank you. Right now, I don't know how I'll go on.

(Deleted comment)

Re: Just 20 months??

Oh dear, poor computer!

We think the data's OK, just can't get at it.

I've already found new one, I just not in stock. :(

I'll look into the insurance, it might also have a warranty. I just want my 'net back though asap. (Yes, I'm an addict)

My heart goes out to you at this 'difficult' time.......

By the way, hesadevil pointed me in your direction to see your photo manip's. They are really great! Love the calendars.

Very inventive, allot different to the usual stuff you get to see on the net. It has a nice bit of knowing humour behind it for a start. Love Spike by the Angel underground sign!

Thanks and thanks!

Glad you like all my hard work. I can't help the sense of humour, it slips in everywhere!

Sincerest condolences. :0(

Did you loose the contents of the hard-drive, or are you good and back-up your work? I know I never do.

Thanks for your support.

I think the hard drive is still ok. It better be!

The good news is that all my fic I'm working on is on floppy. Phew!

Aw, I'm sorry! I know how hard it is when a comp dies, my darling iMac after 5 years of good lovin died on me for the last and final time, unfortunately I lost 5 years worth of stuff, including fics that I had written and didn't put up on my site and now will never get to -sheds a tear- Hopefully all of your data is still fine and they can transfer it onto a new comp! It feels so good to get a new comp, I'm still staring at the manual thinking... "EEEEE!!!" heh

The loss of data would be horrifying! Luckily the hard disk is Ok and I had all the fic ob a floppy, but the thought...

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