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My HP Pavilion, affectionately known as "my precious" PC died yesterday, suddenly and tragically. It was only 20 months old.

Bought to replace my aging and out-of-date Compaq, My Precious and I had many wonderful hours together, creating daft pictures and fic, downloading Buffy eps and many viruses. I'll ever forget my early memories of getting the "I Love You" virus.

A post-mortem discovered that it'd died of a massive power failure that took out it's motherboard and processor. It's comforting to know that it would barely have felt it. Due to the nature of it's parts, the failure was inoperable and was dead on Arrival at my Dad's, who tried frantically, but vainly to save it.

It'll be sorely missed

Please post any condolences in the comments below.

"My HP Computer
She knew nothing else would suit her,
when she saw it in the shop.
Our many hours together,
sent Bob to the end of his tether
But my precious you were top"
Tags: computer woe, rest in peace

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