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I'm in agony!

Day one of new Get Fit/Lose tons of wieght regime is not going well.

I went for a walk at lunch, up St Albans' famously steep Holywell Hill. Now I have hideous cramp in my legs.

All this after yesterday's proud moment when I actually ate a vegetable! and losing 2lb over Christmas.

Damn, why can't being healthy involve sitting and eating biscuits all day?

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Damn, why can't being healthy involve sitting and eating biscuits all day?

My thoughts exactly!! I suppose it would just be too damn pleasurable though and we all know that if it feels good, then it's bad for you. One of my New Year's resolutions is to be healthier too, so I totally understand where you're coming from. Now if I could just shake this cold and get my butt to the gym, it'd all be good. Good luck to you and keep up the hard work! *HUGS*

Thanks. At least I'm currently disease free! Although by the looks of the boyfriend, it won't be long...

I slacked off during the holidays and I'm having trouble getting back into my exercise-religiously-3-times-a-week regime. I'm going to try to exercise tonight, but I may be hurling lots of nasty insults at my Kathy Smith DVD while I do so. Yep, being healthy should not be this hard.

Did someone say biscuits?

Choccy ones do you?

I think my problem is zero exercise to full on hill climbing in one go.

Damn, why can't being healthy involve sitting and eating biscuits all day?

And I want to know when will full figures make a comeback. Everything else including bellbottoms has made a comeback. It's time!*g*

I think part of the trick to excercising is to start small and build up it...otherwise you'll get wiped out on the first day. I know I overdid it, legs cramped up and now I'm a bit leery of starting again.

Good luck though.

I suspect I'll last until until... Thursday?

Yep Rubens had the right idea.

Oh God -- looks like we're on the same wavelength again!

Seems so.

The problem is excerise is so boring! I'm not interested in anything active (or outdoors). The only thing I liked was dancing (ok - moshing). The wieght fell off me when I was clubbing 3 times a week as a student, but I can't do that now. Also, the three rock clubs I went to are all closed now. Add to that the fact I've now got problems with my feet that prevent high-impact excerise. It's no wonder I've got so fat and unfit.

I'm screwed.

I have lots of stress right now and that is great for not eating. Of course stress doesn't last. Look at yourself naked! I do check myself out once in a while and it is motivation enough:) I lost 5 pounds so far, 10 more to go. I don't weight myself very often, I just check to see how the clothes are fitting.

10lb? You sound like you're too thin to comment! I wish I only had 10 lb to lose - in my wildest dreams!

Gi-normous gut is motivation enough, believe me! Its just not that easy to get started.

I want some chocolate biscuits

I ask that all the time myself. I also managed to keep the weight off during x-mas. Now it's the gym that's killing me and the fact that I curled all day Saturday!! Who knew curling would use so many muscles? Dead legs for sure.

Re: I want some chocolate biscuits

This exercise lark - its dangerous. I don't trust it myself.

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