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A Piccy post

As hesadevil has kinda called me on it, here's the original image for the icon above.

When I first started playing around in Paint Shop Pro with tube station pictures, I had an image in my head that I wanted to create, but despite many attempts, I never captured exactly what I wanted to see.

Until now.

Yes, I did go to the station to take the picture! I'm daft like that.

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That's a wonderful picture! Love it.

Thanks. Got there eventually!

OK, how many shots did you have to take until his head was in just the right position to reveal the sign?

And where have you been hiding him?


Thanks. I'm rather pleased with it.

Thank you. Shows it was worth the ridiculous amount of effort it took to make!

I used to go to the dentist at Angel - I'm sure I'd have been more enthusiastic if I'd know spike was lurking there! ;0)

oh god that is absolutely fabulous!

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