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What the hell have I got myself into?

Oh God.

Today is Bob's work Christmas do.


BUT it's at Watford Football club and it means I have to watch a football match (something I've tried to avoid for years). Yawn.

So think of my torment this afternoon while I suffer through WATFORD v STOKE CITY.

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Heh - love the new icon.

BTW ou've double-posted this entry with different icons.

Commiserations on having to suffer Watford at home. The only footie team I will watch is the home team Man.U. (They used to come to my convent school when I was a teenager and I was totally enamoured of the young George Best. He was pure poetry-in-motion on the field.

Yes the double was due to semagic being really slow,and I couldn't delete it.

I can't say I give two hoots about Watford, I'm there the free food/

Stoke City? They're MY team! Go and cheer them on!
I was born in Stoke, my uncle captained the team in the seventies...they've dropped from what was once the Premiership but they've never lost my support.

I can't cheer Stoke, I'm a Watford girl! Just don't like the football.

At least they were your local team! The away support was looking a mite bedraggled. I think Watford have a similar profile, ex-premiership side and all that.

Well, it was 1 all when I left (about 10 minutes in). Still all to play for...

Congrats, your team won 1-3. Lucky I managed to slip out after a few minutes, Watford were appearently absymal.

I'm sorry your team lost but Stoke badly needed a win; they're hovering around the relegation zone :-( ::commiseratory hugs::

Football yuck! Hope the grub was worth it!

My feelings too. We thought we could stay in the restaurant while the BF watched outside, but they kicked us out. So we went home and left him there.
We did get free grub though and it was nice.

Hey is that like Stoke on Trent? I kept thinking it was Stoke on Tent when I saw the name while I was on the train. I never realized how many British names we have for towns in Canada. I just noticed we have a Vauxhall and I stayed there when I was in London!

Yes, it is Stoke-on-Trent. There's a lot of our place names that turn up all over the world. Sounds like settlers weren't all that original when naming things!

Sorry for the late reply an' all, but just realised that my bf was at the same match as you! He is a Stoke fan, but had to sit in the Watford end with his mate as he couldn't get an away ticket (v. naughty I know). I had refused to go and went to the pub instead. Much warmer. And the beer is cheaper.

He couldn't get an away ticket? There was no one in that end!

In truth I didn't last more than about 10 minutes at the match. You were better off in the pub!

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