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I'm very, very bored.

It's been a good day in terms of actually getting housework done, but now I'm prowling around the flat like a caged panther (but not as sleek).
I want to write but I can't get comfortable anywhere.
Can't watch any TV as Bob is playing Theme Park.
Can't go out as I'm skint.
I don't have anything interesting to say.

I'm fed up.

So I'm going to post another little snippet from chapter three of the fic I'm working on, and the picture I made that inspired it.

Something catches her eye. She picks up the glossy print, her hand unsteady, her stomach doing a sudden flip. There was no mistaking Spike in the photo, as if such a thing was possible. She knows the jut of that jaw and the sharp cut of his cheekbones, the Goth-punk hair and the lapels of that coat that she’d used to grab him, to make him kiss her, to make him shut that beautiful mouth to stop him saying I love you and meaning it. She’s seen that face with a thousand and one expressions, glee, and despair, alive with ecstasy and broken with pain. She could shut her eyes and sculpt him now, the shape of him feels burned into her touch like a muscle memory, every flaw, scar or mark she’d known and kissed.
Seeing his face again hits her harder than she had ever thought imaginable. It’s not even a good picture, just a blurry still from a Sunnydale Security camera, but seeing it here – amongst the scraps that remain of the Watcher’s Council records which cover Giles’ kitchen table – is almost too much. He’s out of context here - out of her life, and it hurts.

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Hee! If you're sniffling at that, you're going to be a wreck by the time I it.

::sniffling along with paratti::

There will be, it's coming along nicely.

Oh, lovely. I'm a little verklempt. The picture's cool, too.

Yay! Glad it's working.

I intend to give the old heart-strings a thorough yanking before I'm done. I miss the angst, but I want to make people laugh too.

I'm fed up.

Yes, that's the sort of day I made my icon for!

The story snippette is dead good. I think Buffy deserves every single twinge of misery she suffers about Spike! Loved the way you've provided the picture as well as the story.


The picture came before any of the story and the plot swirled around it!

I do intend to make Buffy squirm a bit. She'll have to work if she wants him.

I do intend to make Buffy squirm a bit.

Glad to hear it! :0)

Oh, that's lovely. Marvelous photo manip, too.

Thank you muchly. I guess i found the manip inspiring!

Joining in with the general sniffling. Beautiful and heart-rending (damn it - and I was doing so well with the Buffyhate too...).

And I love the accompanying artwork - very nice idea.

Can't wait to see more!

Ta. You will, of course be the first to see it! Hopefully quite soon.

And there will be some snarky Spike just for you too. In chapter two.

Ooh, this is interesting. I hope there'll be more soon. The picture's cool too.

Thank you very much.

I'm planning 17-20 chapters of this thing, I'm just not overly confident about writing a WIP, I want to do as much as I can first. The aim is to post the first part in mid-January (possibly sooner).

Lovely manip and great snippet. Can I see more of it somewhere?

I posted a bit in November

I may post some more in a bit. I don't want to get too carried away and give away the plot!

Holy guacomole! That is one hell of a photo manip and a very intriguing snippet. I'm getting more and more excited about this WIP of yours with every passing day!

Hee! I did that pic months ago and you never knew!!!

(little worried about his resemblance to Simon Le Bon in it though)

I'll be sending you something soon, don't worry!

Hee! I did that pic months ago and you never knew!!!

Actually, I think I did see it earlier, but I'd never commented on it so...but you're right, uncanny resemblance to Simon (except he isn't as chubby).

And thanks for the something you sent; it's made my morning here a lot less pointless, I can tell you!

Security camera footage - of course. Something the council would have had. Something that captures him in an unguarded moment and preserves that intelligent look of scrutiny. And Buffy's thoughts - ouch. Beautifully hurting.

Glad you enjoyed it. These comments make it so much easier to carry on writing.

I suspect the Council had plenty on material on all of them, I'll have to give it a good think.

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