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A drabble

As buffyx is bored, I let her have a little sneaky peaky at a bit of the long story I'm working on and I thought I'd let you all look at it too.

This works as a drabble and has nothing whatsoever to do with the plot.

He's never told Buffy, but he still dreams of the Initiative sometimes. She thinks he'd been caught, chipped up and escaped. And that's all he's sure he remembers. But he knows he'd been there weeks, upon weeks, with waking dreams of unknown faces, body strapped down, his head held still and forward, but his eyes are looking at his feet. He's drained of blood then bursting full. His head is open; he can feel sawing, prodding, limbs have involuntary reactions. Probes in his brain, chest, heart and arse.
He doesn't find alien abduction stories as funny as he used to.

Now I'm off to enjoy a Chinese banquet with Hunt Sabs.

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This is wonderful. I'm looking forward to reading the whole thing when you're done.


I think this story is going to be BIG. I hope I have bitten off more than I can chew. I'm aiming for the first part to be about January, but we'll see.

long story you say?

Dude, you shall post more of this. Very intriguing. Always a sucker for those missing moments when he was at the Initiative.

Well this snippet is nothing to do with the plot really, but I've often wondered why, if he'd been there for awhile (and he must have been) what happened in that time. He had to have been experimented on, and surely that would've been horrendously traumatic. No one ever seems to deal with that.

This story is going to be a huge project for me, as I write so slowly - hopefully not too much. I may post some more snippets soon.

I know what you mean...I have a monster story on my hard drive that is about half done and going so slowly. started it over a year ago as well. I feel your pain!! Make a deal with you: I'll finish if you finish...

You're on, but I've got to start yet!

I have about 7,000 words of random paragraphs, but I'm still at the research/planning stage. Damn, all that Buffy to watch...

This sounds fascinating! More unseen Spike moments are always great. I'll watch this space for more. You planning on posting this as WIP, or making us wait?:)

Thanks. I've decided on WIP. I've got a lot of research to do for the first chapter, but I'm aiming to post the first part mid-late January.

God, but you've got such a way with words! Only the tiniest little snippet, and already I'm drawn into this story completely. I know you say it's nothing to do with the plot really, but as long as this bit's in there and Spike's ordeal at the hands of those Initiative doctors is touched on, I know I'm going to love your WIP.

But then, I'm biased. I've loved each and every thing you've deigned to publish so far! ;-)

Thanks as always.

I really am going to have to expand this idea a bit, aren't I? Lol!

The WIP has hit a snag though. Whilst doing my research, Giles said two words which unravelled my entire plot! I'm having to figure out a fix.

I mentioned the story to commit myself to writing the thing but it's terrifying huge amount to do for me. Your encouragement certainly helps though!

Oh naughty Giles! Shall I spank him for you?

Don't worry - I'm sure the siolution will present itself in due time. Your initial idea is too good to go to waste just because of something Giles said! There's got to be a way around it, and I'm sure you'll find it eventually.

Yes, please do that!

I think I have a fix now - just hope it doesn't read like a fudge.

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