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When I'm really bored I like to go to amazon.co.uk and play with my music recommendations page. I find it quite accurate, but sometimes it does throw in something amusing.

Bonnie Tyler?

Why on earth would my collection of punky/indie-ish purchases make it recommend that?

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As in the Total Eclipse of the Heart?

and why do I even know that. It boggles the mind.

And yuck...bonnie tyler

Yep, that Bonnie Tyler, ye gods.

It also threw up Hotel California. And so did I.

It also threw up Hotel California.

I actually like that song.

showing my age aren't I?

*hums* #you can check out anytime you want, but you can never leave.#

OK - backing out now,


hands in the air.

Re: It also threw up Hotel California.

Well, it isn't quite as bad as all that, but it was terribly out of place. It's a record I grew up with as my Dad has it.

Bonnie Tyler? Ye gawds, the horror! That is one song I've been trying desperately to get out of my head ever since I first heard it all those years ago, and I've still not managed it.

Amazon's recommendation page is frequently wrong about the kind of CDs I might like to buy though, too. I mostly just ignore their selection, and order something completely different.

Oh I've never ordered from the list, but they tend to be not bad - a little odd at times though. Only do when I'm bored really.

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