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I want to kill

If I ever met the author of the msblast! virus, then I'd like to pop his head like a grape under a hammer.

Since reloading XP, for some reason, the Microsoft patch won't load and neither will the anti-virus or firewall software. This means I can stay online for about 10 minutes at a trime. Grrr.

Looks like a hard disc re-format is in the offing.

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Not sure what you are using, but I've had much luck with and highly recommend AVG. Free program, easy to use, and they update quite often. Did I mention free?


Also, just for general cleansing and avoiding spyware...


And while I'm at it, annoying pop-up killer...

(also let's you kill animations, flash, etc when you want)

Random advice of the day :)


Re: Anti-virus stuff

That's really sweet of you, thanks.

Do you know any good firewalls? I have McAfee, but it's evil and wants to swell and take overr the hard drive!

Re: Anti-virus stuff

Hmm... are you dial-up or broadband? I have DSL, and have it networked so the router that I use is acting as a firewall. Works well.

XP does have a built in firewall that most people don't seem to know about, very easy to activate. Here are detailed instructions:


As for software, I've heard good things about Norton's firewall:



Re: Anti-virus stuff

Thanks again. I've been using the XP firewall fine until this little disaster, then it made no difference.

I've re-formatted the hard disc anyway. It got rid of the junk and cured all the little crappy problems I had. I will look at using some of this stuff though.

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