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Another in the occasional weird things I have found for sale series

Who would buy a power station snowglobe with simulated pollution (nuclear fallout?).

 photo power-station_zpswucrggid.jpg

If it was cheaper, it might have been me.

ETA: There are only 5 left. Get your order in now!

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How can you resist? I mean... it comes with free shipping!

I am a little bit tempted. If it was £5 then maybe.

That's...dark and twisted. Thanks for sharing!

I wouldn't buy it but I think it's pretty cool.

There's not much decor it would go with.

Oh fantastic! Thats right up my alley. :D

It would make a delightful conversation piece!

I've been on eBay far more recently as I've been selling a few things and buying stuff occasionally. It can be such a weird place!

It is certainly more interesting than the High Street.

That is...actually hilarious! And disturbing.

It's certainly a bit different.

you don't seem to be on livejournal anymore, but in the off chance that you receive e-mails when people comment, i send you happy birthday wishes!


Re: birthday to the air

Aw. thank you! I am around, I just don't feel like posting anymore.

My flist has strange gaps in it that I don't understand.
Even if you don't post much these days... You might come back to it?

I am still around, I just have nothing much I've wanted to post because it was always mostly fannish content and I currently don't have any. I might have to post some craft stuff.

I don't certainly don't want this post to be my last!

In the hope that you get email notifying you of comments left, I want to say -

I hope you have a wonderful day!

Thank you! Apart from having to clean the toilet, it's been fine...

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