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Adventures in Semi-Successful Jewellery Making - Part 2

So I made some more...

So, when we left off I had made a huge bat to sit inpractically on my chest. It really was too big to wear to work, so I made a mini version. He's much better to wear.

 photo bat-small_zpsvkyjvpot.jpg

And from a similar tutotial, I made a crow. I like him very much and has proved quite durable. He's nice and subtle to wear.

 photo corvid_zpsussmwb8d.jpg

Then I went mad and made loads of things...

but that'll be another post (I still need to take the pictures)

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Ooh, I like the crow!! Baby bat looks a lot more manageable too.

I saw today that Claire's Accessories is doing a 'buy 3, get 3 free' thing, which amused me for being novel and yet so CA. I assumed you might have also spotted it.

He could be a crow or a raven. Some sort of corvid anyway.

I didn't see that, but I have spent about £50 in their sale over the last month (so many good cheapies!!!). Eek.

I just looked up pictures, thinking that would help, but they do basically look they same, don't they? Ravens are just a bit more stately...

Maybe you need to go into business against them???

I think it's just scaling up in size (and beaks).

I saw the crow tutorial in the link you posted before. They are both great. I was inspired and bought some sculpty stuff but now I don't have time to play with it :(

I pretty much mashed the two up. I didn't want a sparkly crow, but went to town on the bat. It's funny, that channel put up a tutorial today that is exactly what I was trying to achieve with another thing I made that I was going to include in this post before I lost the pictures somewhere (I am rather miffed as it was the thing that was all my own idea, but at least my final result is a bit different because I failed to make it look how I wanted it).

Maybe after the move?

I particularly like the crow/raven.

So do I. He's a bit of a pet now.

I love the bat's wings, and the crow is lovely.

They are much shiner in real life too!

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