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Halloween Advent Update

I have being meaning to post this for awhile, but when I remember to actually do it, the time is a bit late and I have to go to bed.

Anyway, the Halloween Advent Calendar now as a roof! And is black (and grey).

The roof isn't all individual tiles, but die cut lengths about 20cm long. It still took a couple of days to stick it all on and distress the tiles a little with green, brown and black Distress Ink. Yes, it was still Christmas and no I haven't done much since.

 photo 20151224_120717_zpskseelegk.jpg

 photo 20151224_120705_zpsohrfy6v9.jpg

In other news, I have a Mr Scattybones bag and you don't! :) (this will be meaningless for anyone not following sb_fag_ends. This is a ghostly cat of my own design)

 photo 20160115_124033_zpsf3akpdor.jpg
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