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A Halloween Advent Calendar

So YouTube is the devil. You knew that.

If you need proof, in the last year or so, I have become a bit addicted to YouTube craft tutorials and stemming from this, I have a number of aborted half-finished projects to my name that I thought were a good idea at the time.

The latest then is a wooden Halloween Advent Calendar which I didn’t realise was missing from my life until I saw this (when it was on Etsy and I too gulped at the price). No worries, I thought seemingly like many others, I can just make my own! Though not as fancy, obviously.

So I got a wooden advent calendar from Hobbycraft and told my dad what I was doing in the hope he would suggest a way of adding another six boxes to take it from 25 to 31 for October. He volunteered to make some… and then to extend the roof. And then he got really into it and dreamt up a sloping roof and a bell tower… no, a clock tower… no, a clock tower with a steeple (he made all these versions, usually without telling me first) and then fitted a board for a background and lights (we are yet to choose the constellation). He’s even ordered a dollhouse weathervane (which is going to have a witch on it). Whose project was this again?

So far then, we have gone from this:

 photo 608525_1000_1_800_zpsbdvrwruz.jpg

To this:

 photo 2015112_zpstlmopxsb.jpg

Now I have to paint it and not ruin it in the process.

I will keep you updated.

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This is fantastic! There must be a cat. And an owl. And a cauldron!

I think I might get on with your dad... Or at least understand his ways.

There will be all of those things, and more!

I am intending to theme all the boxes. They are very big though, so it's unlikely there will be room for treats as well. Although I was thinking of alternating tricks and treats.

My dad, for all his professions of anti-socialness, gets on with most people.


I'm sure by the time you've finished what you put inside each box won't quite be the most important thing. Or else they can always be mini Japanese rubbers.

Now that is a good trait.

ETA: Although I assumed when I read this that you meant 'aren't very big, but reading about your back below, I'm wondering if you do mean are... In which case I'm confused about these treats.

Edited at 2015-11-29 10:24 pm (UTC)

Yes, they aren't very big. Uh.

Yes, the problem is that if I put the treats in, I know what they are and I already have tiny Japanese rubbers!

I thought you might think so.

Never mind...

Well, you could always put everything in a load of identical tiny envelopes, shake them all around in a hat and then fill the calendar with no idea what you're going to get on any one particular day. Or you could fill it in January! When you're very sleepy and unlikely to remember. And you can forcibly do times tables rather than think about remembering which day you're putting with what. Or force yourself to repeat the wrong things until you can't remember truth from lie anymore. /is not actually sure why she has so many ready tactics for tricking her own brain.


That's assuming I'll finish it by January, which seems very unlikely. I like the envelope idea, though.

I don't usually feel the need to actively trick my brain into forgetting, it's usually very capable of that. Unless, it's horrible things it likes to remind me of when I am trying to sleep.

Blergh, talking of sleep I need to go. :( Bysie bye...

Or she could get you to buy all the small gifts and wrap them, then pass them on for her to put into the haunted house.

Don't drag me into this! I cheerlead from the sidelines; I do not craft...

And this pic doesn't even show the best bit - there are louvres on the sides of the tower!

Oh, but there must be! Otherwise it would get terribly damp and mouldy; the bats would not be happy.

Exactly and how else would they get in and out?

It's great! I hurt my back manoeuvring it though...

That is so awesome! Can't wait to see the finished product...

I will keep you all posted.

How useful to have a craft-y Dad! Looks fabulous and I'm sure your paint job will be great.

My dad is a bit ingenious, but persauding him to get involved is the trick. He has just retired though...

I too love youtube craft tutorials! I sometimes lead a craft group and whenever I'm asked "how did you come up with that idea?" my answer is usually youtube! It's a great place for all kinds of tutorials. I have found tutorial for home repairs, crafts, photoshop and baking projects. AND yes, it can be the devil but it's also fabulous. ~_^

They are flipping crack! Let's not discuss the attempts at resin jewellery and polymer clay modelling...

I pulled a muscle in my back lifting it as well.

Priming tonight! After I have done the fag ends things first.

What a brilliant project! I do like the idea of a Halloween countdown.

A countdown could be done in a simpler way. And certainly in a way that doesn't dominate the living room!

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