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No! No! No! I just laughed at Keith Lemon! The horror.

I want to die.

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Oh god, don't tell me you're watching that back to the future thing too! :D

Ish. I was watching the films and because I was watching with a bit of a time shift, I got dumped right into the Keith Lemon special when the second one ended - and then it was actually funny for a moment.

I feel so dirty.

Sadly you and me both. *g*

Oh no! He has to be the unfunniest man on the planet! How did this happen?

I always think that title belongs to Hal Cruttenden. But it's pretty close between them.

Oh no, he's much worse than Hal Cruttenden.

We once sat through Hal Cruttenden live, when he was the support act for Milton Jones and we were too polite to try to escape.... another time we would stand up and leave ostentatiously.

That sounds like my horror night. I don't find Milton Jones funny either (the puns are clever, they just don't do it for me).

Northern Back to the Future parodies. Apparently I find them funny.

I hope he didn't give you nightmares!

Thankfully no. But my brain needs a good scrub.

I had to look up who that was.

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