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Meg and Mog - Mog [new]

Back from WriterconUK

All home and very tired right now - lugging a ton of stuff up the stairs didn't help.

I think my cat actually  missed me...!

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Glad you got home safely... I got in around 4 as I had to stop off at the services on the M25 and have a bit of a nap for half hour or so... my eyes were crossing and I had visions of being the cause of a news bulletin! Weirdly, that bit of the road always does that to me - so it might not have been that I was tired!

If you're talking South Mimms, I had my M25 accident not far from there. Maybe you have a point!

Yes - South Mimms. Ironically, it took only half an hour to get home from there, but I was feeling myself drifting a bit just before even though I had the aircon on full blast... so hey, better later home than never!

True. It's usually the M4 that has that effect on me. I find taking the A roads wakes me up.

Of course Tegan missed you!!

It's not always a given, but she called for me as soon as she heard my voice. it was very cute.

Aww, 'course she missed you.

She bit me today. It didn't last long.

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