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Altogether now, ahhhhhhhhh.

More nonsense, more to see if it works that anything else.

My draggy!
I got my draggy at!!!
Get one!

Hmmm, looks like a scorpion.

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Hmmm, looks like a scorpion

Yes mine too - but it's very red! :0D

I just have to have black...

It does, but it's a cute scorpion.

As long as it doesn't bite me on the toes in the night I'll be happy. (1980's Wildlife on One scarred me for life where scorpions are concerned)

As long as you cover your boots and then shake them you should be fine :)

Oh, I've been doing that for years! Not that we get them here...

Bob's call her Scorgia. WTF? Yep that's my thought too.

Scorgia. heh. I think I'll name my first born that!

Just trips off the tongue!

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